Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sean's Update: Our trip to the ER

Yesterday started pretty much as a normal day. It was a late drop off day for my daycare kid so the kids and I slept in a little. After getting up and feeding everyone, I started getting the diaper bag packed and clothes out for the kids. The plan was to get everyone in the van once my daycare kid got here and go to my midwife appointment. I was in the living room and called to Sean in his room to finish getting dressed. That's when I heard his cry. I immediately knew he had hurt himself. Moms, you know that cry!! I ran to him and met him at his door. I immediately saw that he had hurt his forehead but at that point the bleeding hadn't really started. It looked more like just a scrap. As I got closer, I saw that that wasn't the case. By the time I got him to the bathroom (next room over) the blood was everywhere. He had cut his forehead open. It wasn't long (maybe half an inch) but it was deep. The blood was freaking him out so I got him cleaned up and taped gauze to him. Thankfully, the bleeding stopped pretty quickly. I got a hold of my dad and he drove us to Patient First. That's when the adrenaline wore off and I started feeling sick: light headed and nauseous. They said he did need stitches but he needed to be sedated. So, we were sent to the children's hospital's ER.

But first, Patient First made this headband for Sean: Photobucket

Sean was already feeling like his normal self because I had to constantly tell him to stop running, jumping and climbing. I won't be surprised if I have some grey hairs after yesterday! We were there forever. Sean got two different sedatives: an oral one and a local numbing cream. We waited for them to take effect. I knew it had when Sean started swaying, grabbing invisible things and then asking me why they turned on another tv. Drunk Sean is pretty funny. He even told me that he wanted a cord sandwich for lunch?? They finally came in to do the stitches and it was horrible! The tech wrapped a blanket around Sean so that his arms were by his side. She then held his head still while I held his body. He screamed and cried through out the whole thing. It broke my heart! He ended up with 3 stitches. They'll be in until Monday and the doctor said he will have a scar. Right now, he's pretty excited about the Cars band-aids he gets to wear.

It doesn't look too terrible 24 hours later:

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