Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flip Diapers

Flip disposable insert in a Thirsties Duo Wrap

I love cloth diapers...well, mostly. I love that they are cute. I love that they are better for the environment and baby. And I love that they save me money. But I hate the laundry. Because of that, I always fall into a slump and go back to disposables. I love the ease of sposies but hate the cost, waste and smell. I think I've found a solution: Flip disposable inserts. They work in the cute covers we already have. They are dye and fragrance free. They a compostable (only just wet diapers). And the best part, they are cheaper than the sposies we were using! They are also as trim as sposies. I'm beginning to think that the fragrances in the sposies was reacting to Maddy's urine and creating a not so pleasant smell. The worst was in the mornings. Oh how I dread those diapers. She slept in a Flip last night and not only woke up not stinking but the diaper wasn't leaks either. I'm wondering if Sean would be willing to wear them at night too b/c a overnight pull-up is as bad, if not worst than a overnight diaper. I think I've finally found diapers that I can actually say I love. The true test will be if we're still using them in a month. lol