Raising Butterflies

One of my favorite hobbies is raising caterpillars into butterflies/moths. It started 2 years ago (2009) when we adopted a few Monarch caterpillars from a friend. I had so much fun that I couldn't wait to do it again the next spring. That year (2010)I started..or attempted to start..a butterfly garden. The garden didn't do as well as I hoped but we adopted some more Monarchs and found a chrysalis and a cocoon. There was no doubt I was hooked then! This year, I've had much better luck with my butterfly garden. I still have plans to grow it bigger next year! We still haven't had any luck with Monarchs finding our plants but it didn't take much for the Black Swallowtails to find us! I bring in eggs when I find them and raise the caterpillars until they are ready to be released as butterflies because I've found a few predators (spiders and wasps) near our garden. I've come to love a few moths too so I've included them in this area.

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Coming soon...
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Recommended Books:
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