Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kids Say {And Other Cute Moments}: January 2015

  • While watching the game, Emily said the Dallas player dropped the ball because he has to go potty.
  • One of our cats is named Periwinkle but Em pronounces it as Pink-a-wiggle.
  • Em wearing the Iron Man costume: "I got missiles!" missiles = muscles  
  • Sean talking to dad about what comes after each stage of scouts: dad "what comes after webelos?" Sean "webelos 2" "what comes after webelos 2" "boyscouts" "what comes after boyscouts" "woodbadge" Dad was going for eagle scout but woodbadge works. lol
  • Em: I'm a girl so I don't have an excuse-a-me.  ????
  • Em: "This is backwards and this is frontwards. This is uppy side down. This is sideways and this is straightways."

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