Saturday, February 4, 2012

School Days: Cut and Paste

We're still working on getting back into our normal routine and this week, homeschooling was one of the things we added back in. I don't think Sean realized how much he missed it until I started introducing it back in. We almost didn't do anything blog worthy. Most of what he did was work on his literacy and math folders and played games. What I wanted to share was what he did the other day. I set out some supplies and just let him go at it. Here's the result:

He started out just cutting

Added a little glue and asked for the magnifying glass

Glue all the pieces of paper into a stack

Don't forget to cover the little pieces with more glue!

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  1. I bet he'd like some colored glue for projects like this! I buy bottles of glue when they're on sale during back to school and add food coloring to them! The girls love squirting the colored glue onto paper :)