Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week in Review: Week 7-8

I kept putting off last week's week in review until it was time to start on this week's. Oops! So I'm just combining them. Week 7 was a pretty normal week really nothing to report. This past week, on the other hand, was a rough one. All three kids came down with a cold...yes, Emily's first cold. They all had congestion, runny noses and coughs. Emily actually had a better time than Sean and Maddy; I credit mama's milk! That was until last night. Just as normal, she cluster nursed and was asleep for the night by 10:00. She normally sleeps till 4:00/5:00 but this time woke up at 3:30. She didn't just nurse and go back to sleep like normal. She latched, unlatched and screamed. She would not nurse. She also would not let me lay her down without her screaming. She'd go to sleep on my chest while I rocked her but wouldn't let me lay her down. Around 5:30 she finally let me lay with her in my arms (not completely laying flat). We slept half an hour and had a repeat from earlier. We spent the next couple hours with her sleeping on my chest. I suspected an ear infection so I called the pediatrician as soon as they opened. I love their weekend hours! They could get her in but it was a little wait. It gave us just enough time for Sean and I to make our chiro appointments where I found out that they were able to squeeze in Maddy and Emily. Chiro told me it was her left ear. After she was adjusted, Em nursed and didn't mind being laid down for a diaper change!! We went to the doctor and it was conformed, Em has a small ear infection in her left ear. Poor little thing is currently napping.

Week 7
Emily got her Baltic Amber teething necklace!
Not teething yet but it looks too cute to not have her wear it.

Sean wrote his name for the first time without having me spell it for him!

Emily got her new carseat! Plenty of room to grow!
Rear facing till 45lbs, in a harness till 65lbs

Week 8
As I was getting ready for the day, I watched Sean snuggled up with Emily.

She fussed a little and here's what he did in his sleep. *swoon*

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