Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspired by Finn

I want to tell you about something amazing! I wish I had known about this when Sean was a baby but I didn't hear about Baltic Amber teething necklaces until Maddy started teething. I figured it couldn't hurt so I ordered one from Inspired by Finn. I mean, even if it didn't work, they're really pretty, right? When it arrived I didn't waist any time and put it on Maddy. I was pretty surprised at the results. Unlike with her brother, we didn't know she had a tooth coming in until we saw it. It was amazing. There were nights that she was teething and we forgot to put it back on her after a bath. Those were rough nights but that was the only time we could tell she was teething by her being cranky.

Isn't she cute in her Baltic Amber!?

I also have personal experience on the effects of Baltic Amber. I cut my hand resulting in stitches when Maddy was an infant. There are times when the scar will hurt. When I ordered Maddy's necklace, I also ordered one for Sean...even though he was pretty much done teething. He refused to wear it. I decided to try his necklace and wear it as a bracelet when my hand would bother me. The pain went away when I wore the amber and would come back when I took it off. That's when I became completely sold on the idea. It really does work! Later, when I became pregnant with Emily, I decided to buy a necklace for myself. I had heard that it would help with morning sickness. I'm not sure if this is true or not because I just wore it all the time. But, I have used it for headaches and it works!

Mine and Maddy's Baltic Amber necklaces.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I do like to tell anyone who will listen to me about Baltic Amber but I also have a discount code to share. Inspired by Finn not only has beautiful Baltic Amber jewelry but they also carry Hazel Wood jewelry. Both have benefits for both children and adults. The benefits of Baltic Amber can be found here and the benefits of Hazel Wood can be found here.

To get one, go to Inspired by Finn and enter the code Danielle25 at check out to get 15% 25% of your order. Then come back and leave a comment to let me know what you got! I wrote this review solely because I love their products but if 15 of you place an order I will get a free piece of jewelry...a teething necklace for Emily! So, please come back and let me know that you've placed an order using the code Danielle25 so that  I can keep track of how close I am to the 15! The code expires February 5th.

And don't forget to tell your friends! ;)

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  1. I'm never seen these before. They are nice looking. My daughters would love wearing them.

  2. Hello! My son and I have amber necklaces from Inspired By Finn - love them. I used your coupon code to get a "SALE! Chrysoprase Gemstone Bracelet (Adult) - For Healing and Staying Centered in the Heart! 63% off! Just $19.99. Only 10 available." Good luck getting to your 15 orders!

  3. Just stopping by from bassgiraffe's Thursday Blog Hop. Would love it if you visited and followed us too!

  4. I purchased 3 amber necklaces today using your code! I received 25% discount saving $17.81!!!

  5. Oh rats! I remembered you posted about this and I just came here today to get the code....but it expired yesterday. Boo! :)