Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week in Review: Week 6

I was beginning to think I wouldn't have much to write about this week then Maddy decided she wanted to be a big girl. First, let me go off on a little side note. A few months ago hubby was working his first night at his second job. It meant I had to get both kids to bed by myself. At that point Sean was in his own room and Maddy was still in our room on the little bed. Both had to have hubby or I in the room while they fell asleep. I can't be in two rooms at the same time so I asked if they wanted to have a sleep over in Sean's room. They agreed and both went to bed very easily. That's been the sleeping arrangement since then. At the beginning of this week they started fighting each other in bed and Maddy said she wanted to sleep in her room like a big girl - her words. And with that, they are sleeping in separate rooms.

The idea of being a big girl must have got the ball rolling because Wednesday afternoon Maddy informed me that she was a big girl and she wanted princess underwear. I had been thinking of starting potty training but I didn't want to start too close to introducing Emily to the family. Maddy had other plans. After nap I gave her some underwear and told her that she needed to keep them dry and go potty in the potty. She had a few accidents that night but the next couple of days went great. She woke up in the mornings dry, woke up from nap dry and only had a few accidents each day...each day getting a little better.

This week's pictures:
Maddy's after nap bed head

One of my favorite pictures of Emily

Brother and sister..He absolutely loves her, and vice versa

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  1. Isn't it funny how influential undies can be. When Lexi was in diaper free for a few days I took her out and let her pick out whatever undies she wanted, she chose the days of the week, she loves those darn things! lol

  2. Oh the fun of potty training. I have yet to jump on this my m 2 yr 2 month old. Not sure when to jump on that wagon.