Saturday, October 1, 2011

3in30: October

September was a good month so I'm looking forward to trying this again this month! I think I'm going to work on routines this month.

This month's goals are:
1. Morning- I want to work on my sleep and I think becoming consistent with a wake up time will help. So, I will get up by 7:00 every morning...7 days a week.

2. Middle of the day- I find myself making excuses about getting the kids outside...heat, rain, bugs.. We all need the outside time so we will get outside everyday even if it's just for a short time while covered in bug spray, holding umbrellas and wearing rain boots.

3. Bedtime- We're going to get into a definite evening routine. Part of this will be having unplugged tv, no computer, no cell phones. Sean has a bedtime but it's kind of lax. Maddy does not. Everyone will be home by 8:30. That's when our unplugged time will start and it will continue until the kids are in bed. Sean will be in bed at 9:00, Maddy at 9:30 (with the goal of moving it back to 9:00).

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  1. #3 is part of my plan to allow room for my goals to bloom!

  2. Those sound like great goals! I need to work on #2 as well!