Saturday, October 8, 2011

School Days: Dinosaurs

We continued learning about dinosaurs this week but another busy week prevented us from doing all the activities I thought we would do. Most of this unit (Sean's choice) ended up being library books (boy do they have a lot on dinosaurs!) and these flash cards I found in the dollar section at Target:


The activity that we did get to was inspired by this blog post.
The kids started out making prints:

T-rex made the best:

Then they shifted gears and started painting the dinosaurs:

Which turned into body painting:
Photobucket Photobucket

They were going to make these dinosaur feet but then I thought about our hardwood floors and didn't want more cracked heads. We will be making these dinosaur eggs. We just ran out of time this week.

If you missed it, last week, we had a dinosaur lunch and an ice dig.

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  1. I can tell they had a ball. I wanted to thank you for telling about the flash cards. What a perfect stocking stuffer for my son, who is dino-crazy! I'll be in search of them soon. Thanks for sharing!