Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 in 30: October: Week 2 and 3 Update

October is continuing to go very well! I didn't get to make a post last week because of computer problems so here's week 2 and 3's update:

1. Morning- Mornings are going great. I had gotten use to Maddy waking up by 7:00 and stopped setting my alarm. I guess she's gotten use to the bedtime change now and isn't waking up before 7:00 every morning. So, there were a few days I slept till 7:30. Not bad though.

2. Middle of the day- We're still struggling with this one...

3. Bedtime- I don't think we could do any better with this one! Both kids are in bed by 9:00 (well, a couple days they were a little late b/c they were at grandma's late..). Maddy has a hard time going to sleep on the days that she fights naps and ends up napping late. Even then, she's in bed by 9:00 and is asleep by about 9:45. Those nights aren't ideal but even then I sit by the door of the room and use the hall light to read. She still needs me in sight to fall asleep.

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