Saturday, October 1, 2011

School Days: Dinosaur Ice Dig

This week Sean decided he wanted to learn about dinosaurs so that's what we started on. We didn't do nearly as much as I thought we would because Sean's ER trip and my ultrasound. I have a list of activities for next week to continue this lesson. This post will be about one of the activities that we did get to this week: the dinosaur ice dig! This activity was inspired by this pin/this blog post. I should have done what they did and used paper cups because it would have been easier to get the ice out. The kids had a blast anyways! I used the plastic dinosaurs the kids have gotten at the doctor's office and froze them in plastic cups. These dinosaurs float so I had to put the tops on the cups for this to work. We enjoyed this project so much that I didn't realize that I wasn't getting good pictures. If you look past the blurriness, you'll get the idea and see how much fun they had.

Both kids got a set of tools:
Spoon, fork, water (room temp and hot), medicine dropper and salt.
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  1. I love this idea! I am definitely going to do this. Thanks for sharing.