Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week in Review- Week 1

This was our first full week as a family of 5. We had pediatrician appointments, chiropractor appointments, a midwife appointment, and a newborn photoshoot. Emily saw the pediatrician on Monday and then again on Friday. By Monday (4 days old), she was already 2.oz above her birth weight. She gained another 1.5oz by Friday making her 7lbs 4oz. Maddy and I went to see the chiropractor and found out that Emily could get a free visit. So Emily got her first adjustment. Emily didn't like the midwife appointment because that's when she got her heel pricked for the PKU test.

Here are a couple of moments I captured this week:

Sean woke up from nap and fell back asleep on Richard...who then fell asleep. Then the dog joined them. Maddy then woke up from nap and fell back asleep on Richard and the cat joined them. Emily was nursing through all this and fell asleep in my lap.

Emily's cord fell off this week so she's now in cloth diapers.

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