Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kids Say: January 2012

Sean and Granddad:
    Sean: "What's that on your finger?"
    Granddad: "A booboo"
    Sean: "What kind?"
    Granddad: "I didn't know there were different kinds."
    Sean: "Looks like a bleed."

Maddy's monologues just about every morning for the first couple weeks after Emily was born, "Mama, she's a baby. She's Emily, Emily Noelle. She's ours. We're her family."

Sean about Maddy: "I have to tell her what to do because she doesn't know everything yet."

Sean: Bat Mobile = Batman Bomowheel

Maddy, after one of her normal monologues about anything and everything all at once, tells Emily "I talk a lot!"

Sean, randomly, "I smell like bubbles!!"

Sean, in the car (Emily started crying) "Mama! I think you need to nurse Emily some more!"

Sean: "Babies get baby food in mommies belly from the 'belken' cord. When they come out they like milk from mama."

Sean: "Boys don't wear bras."
Maddy: "I have two!" *pointing to her nipples* "1, 2, see, I have two!"

About a friend who has two daughters... Sean- "They have a boy?" Me- "No, just two girls." Sean- "They do have a boy! A daddy boy!"

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