Monday, January 9, 2012

Kids Say: 2011

I love looking back on my "Kid Say" posts but I realized I didn't make nearly enough of them last year. Before starting this year's, I thought I'd go back and remember some of what Sean and Maddy said last year. Thankfully, I posted a lot on Facebook. Here are some of my statuses through out 2011:

Jan. 4th
Maddy refuses to try to say the new daycare child's name. Instead, she calls her "friend". ♥

Feb 10th
Today Sean tells me "My grandparents know everything."

Feb. 17th
Sean told Maddy that he was going to fix her doll stroller and "it be new, no time!" lol

Feb. 22nd
Sean says "Bracky" is president, he lives in the White House and works in the Oval. ♥

March 1st
Maddy just growled at me "I love you" ♥

April 6th
Sean: "T-rex have giant feet! But they can't stomp on people!!" 

April 26th
Sean- "I don't like hearts. I like circles, even squares and even rectangles but I don't like hearts."

April 28th
I told Maddy that there's a baby in my belly and she says "little baby! Open it!!!" LOL

May 3rd
Sean- "Mama! A bird at the bird feeder!! I love animals...but we can't eat fish." Why not? "There's a big fish on the house!" ??????

May 16th
I'm talking to hubby and Maddy gets between us "No mama, I nursey you!" lol

May 21st
The puppies are being loud so Sean says "Maybe we should put them back in Keme's belly. They weren't loud in there!"

May 31st
Sean do you have a girlfriend? "no. I only have 1 money. I can't paid em. I have a crane truck!"

June 23rd
Sean falls. Maddy-"You ok!?" Sean-"Yea" Maddy-"Hurray! He ok!!" ♥

July 1st
I'm laughing at Sean right now. He's talking to Annabelle (dog), trying to convince her to snort. lol

Aug. 8th
I love Maddy's made up words. Most recently we've heard "fudderfly" and "yummy-licious".

Aug. 20th
I just told Sean that he was smart and he said "And sweet too!!"

Aug. 23rd
Maddy's sitting with dad talking about Barney. Dad says "does he sing - I love you, you love me, let's get together and climb a tree?" Maddy said "no. Let's try again" LOL

Aug. 26th
Sean saw the radar picture of Irene on the TV so I was telling him and Maddy about the storm and Maddy tells me "We need a rocket ship!"

Sept. 8th
Sean just told me "Mama, I think I want a baby brother." I told him "We'll have to wait and see. It may be a baby sister." To which he said "I think I already have one." lol :)

Sept. 17th
Maddy didn't make it the whole class today and boy does she know how to tug at my heart strings. She came out crying and saying "I dance. I cry. I want you." :(

Sept. 19th
When Maddy sneezes she tells me her nose needs to be blessed. ♥

Sept. 24th
Mommyhood at it's finest: Maddy crawls in my lap "I love you! You make me so happy!!" ♥

Oct. 14th
Sean is doing circles in the livingroom and tells me "mama..I'm not going to fall and bonk my head again this time. I'm going slow and am being carefull."

Nov. 4th
Sean- "The big walking hot dog made the mess in the kitchen." ???

Nov. 11th
My 4 year old wants to spend his birthday money at the "workshop" (Lowes).

Nov. 18th
I love when the kids randomly come to hug/kiss my belly and talk to Jellybean. I also love how Jellybean actually responds to them. ♥

Nov. 21st
Tonight Maddy told my belly "I love you baby brother and sister!" She seems to think I have 2 babies in there..not to mention the one she thinks is in her belly. Someone's going to be disappointed...

Nov. 26th
We finished getting the tree up today. The rest of the decorations are going up tomorrow. Sean says the tree's up so tomorrow can be Christmas Eve. lol

Dec. 3rd
Maddy heard that I'm going to the chiropractor this morning. Now she's trying to say she needs to go b/c her back hurts. lol

Dec. 19th
Sean is so sweet. The kids are going to give each other gifts this year. I thought it would be nice if they made the gifts and suggested a bracelet for Sean to make. He said yes but he also wants to make a necklace and a jewelry box to put them in. :)

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  1. Very cute -your kids are sooo funny! We have started a note book at our house to write down the gems that our son is saying.

  2. Those are great. your smart to get them written down.

    Veronica @