Wednesday, January 25, 2012

4 Weeks Postpartum

Tomorrow, Emily will be 4 weeks old. Today, I had a postpartum visit with my midwife. At 4 weeks postpartum, I'm feeling pretty normal again. The first few days this time around were really rough. Emily and I didn't really leave the bed. It was nice in one way but it got old. Recovery was much better when I was able to get up more. Nursing is getting better. Sean and Maddy were both champion nursers from the get-go. Emily, on the other hand, had latch issues...resulting in blisters on my part. But I wasn't going to let that stop us. Her latch has greatly improved and I rarely have to fix it now. But, now we're working on over supply and forceful letdown. The over supply has gotten much better but Emily still has problems at letdown. It hasn't slowed her down any! Just for the fun of it, Emily got weighed today. Fully clothed, she's 9lbs 6oz (was 7lbs at birth)!! I'm doing good on the weight issue too. I'm just a couple pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Then again, what do you expect when someone only has a 15lbs gain and then has a 7lbs baby. ;) The funny thing (that's not hurting the weight) is I'm craving healthy stuff. I can't seem to get enough of fruits, veggies (salads!!), yogurt, protein (eggs and peanut butter!!) and especially water. Emotionally, I'm doing better so far. Many might not realize it but I had postpartum depression after Maddy was born. I really wanted to avoid it this time so I decided on placenta encapsulation. A few days after Emily was born, someone came by to take care of the process for me. So far so good. I've had a couple weepy periods but then remembered I forgot to take a pill. PPD didn't really hit hard until a little bit later postpartum with Maddy. Fingers crossed that it doesn't sneak up later. If it does, Richard and I are both on the look out so we can nip it in the bud asap!!

My placenta pills

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  1. Glad to hear she's improving on nursing. I remember what a shock it was when Lexi had early latch issues after not having any issues with Char.

  2. I was wondering how the capsules were working for you! Glad to see things are going well. You have such beautiful kids :)