Tuesday, December 20, 2011

4 Year Endo Checkup

Sean had an endo check up last Friday. It went very well. Doc was very pleased with how Sean has grown..it's been 8 months since he saw him. Again, he's keeping up with the curve and that's the important thing. The doc suggested that we go ahead and redo the bone age scan to confirm that Sean's just fine, just on the small side. As long as the scan comes back saying he has normal growth potential, we're good and we won't go back for a year. Sean made me very proud. Last time he sat on my lap for the xray. Obviously, I couldn't do that this time. The tech and I got him sitting in the chair, hand in place and then we walked behind the safety area. Even after almost starting to cry and fighting them when they tried to weight and measure him, Sean sat there all by himself like a big boy, kept still and didn't even fuss. Crazy how they decide when and what to fight!

Today we got the results. His bone age is the same as his age. That's a good thing! Last time it was slightly older than his age. Doc says that what we want to see is Sean's bone age get a little younger than his real age...which it seems like it's doing. That will mean he has more growth potential and is possibly just a late bloomer. We go back in a year.

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