Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 Year and 2 1/2 Year Checkups

The kids had check ups today. Sean had his 4 year check up (yea, a month and a half late) and Maddy had an appointment mainly to talk about the constipation problem she had and us going dairy free.

We'll start with stats: Sean is 28lbs, 36in. Maddy is 29lbs, 37in.
The fun thing about having kids the same size is they have fun mixing up their clothes:

Sean is below the curve on the growth chart but keeping up with the curve. His growth in the last month or so has slightly increased..slightly faster than the curve. Given the fact that in that time he had a few vomiting spells, that's awesome!! He had labs done for iron and lead levels and hearing and sight tests. He passed the sight test just fine and refused to take the hearing test. Got to love a stubborn 4 year old!

Maddy is doing great: about 50% for weight and almost 75% for height. The doctor does not think she has an allergy to dairy because constipation was her only symptom and he doesn't think it's lactose intolerance because she would have had the opposite reaction. What he thinks it is is how her body is reacting to dairy proteins. He suggested to continue what we're doing for now; no obvious dairy and not worried about hidden dairy and dairy in things like store bought cookies and such. When she's completely potty trained he suggested to start very slowly adding dairy to see if she can handle it in small amounts: starting with 1 very small serving a day and adding more after a week and so on.

They both also had 2 shots each. Let me just say too, I love our pediatrician. He's been great with doing a delayed vaccine schedule and didn't seem phased at all that I turned down the flu and chicken pox vaccine and will be delaying MMR vaccine even further. I asked him when he wanted to see Jellybean and he asked me where I'd be delivering. Me saying home didn't phase him either. All in all, a great visit. Sean goes to see the endo tomorrow morning. I expect it to be a great visit.

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