Thursday, March 1, 2012

Emily: 2 Months

That's my little 2 month old! She's such a happy baby! She nurses great now that I have my over supply under control and she still sleeps wonderfully. What more can I ask for!? She's "talking" a lot now. Unfortunately, she's camera shy. She just lights up when Sean talks to her. I love it! We've tried introducing bottles and pacis but she won't have any of it. She however, likes to suck on her fist. She didn't like it much a month ago but Emily has started enjoying rides in the sling. It's a good thing too because that's the easiest thing to use around the house; it's the fastest to put on.

Emily's stats from her check up today:
10lbs 6oz - She's dropped from the 50th percentile to the 25th
23in - looks like she was working on height this month more than weight!

I was happy to hear that even though there's still some fluid in her ear, Emily's ear infection has cleared up. I also brought up the spot on Em's chest this appointment. At her newborn and 1 month check up, the doctor thought it was just a birth mark, possibly a third nipple. It's an odd place for a third nipple but it looks like one...they run in the family so it didn't surprise me. He also mentioned a branchial cleft abnormality. He really didn't think it was that because it wasn't leaking and didn't seem to be attached. He told me to keep an eye on it and let him know if I noticed any changes. ..I have noticed something. When she nurses, usually when she's nursing fast or gulping, the spot goes in and out. Doc says it could be just the fact that the skin is thin there but it would be best to get it looked at and have the branchial cleft abnormality ruled out. He's sending us to a ear, nose and throat doctor.

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  1. Did you mean Bronchial Cleft or Branchial Cleft? You know that's exactly what I had surgery for right?

  2. You caught my typo! Yes, branchial. It had completely slipped my mind that that was what you had.

  3. She adorable!! What a cute lil smile.

    I hope it's just a birthmark...