Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Puppy update: 1 week old!

Our little wiggly puppies are a week old today. They've started to use their back legs some and not just army crawl but not a whole lot else has changed. Just lots of sleeping, nursing, growing and making little puppy noises. My favorite thing at this phase is to watch them sleep. All the moving they do in their sleep is pretty entertaining. They are all growing pretty well! Dark Blue (use to be Orange) had a loss the first day but quickly caught up. All the others have been growing since day 1! Their "names" have changed since all of the collars I tried making wouldn't stay tied. Now they have velcro puppy collars. Dark Blue and Purple have marbled noses like their mama had. Too bad they'll probably loose that after awhile..like their mama. A little milestone: They got their nails clipped for the first time today.

Family picture!

Close ups and stats:
In birth order:
Light Green- Male
Birth- 12.8 oz
1 Week- 1 lbs 6 oz

Dark Blue- Female
Birth- 15.7 oz
1 Week- 1 lbs 8 oz

Pink- Female
Birth- 13.1 oz
1 Week- 1 lbs 9 oz

Light Blue- Female
Birth- 12.7 oz
1 Week- 1 lbs 7 oz

Dark Green- Female
Birth- 12.2 oz
1 Week- 1 lbs 5 oz

Purple- Female
Birth- 13.4 oz
1 Week- 1 lbs 6 oz

Red- Male
Birth- 14.6 oz
1 Week- 1 lbs 10 oz

Black- Female
Birth- 11.5 oz
1 Week- 1 lbs 5 oz

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