Friday, April 8, 2011

Keme's Story

A litter of puppies had been found on the side of the road. The lady that found them thought she could make some money off of them...all of them but one. She knew of someone that did dog rescue and dropped the "ugly" dog off at her doorstep. That lady started trying to find a new home for the puppy. I saw that puppy on craigslist and emailed the rescue lady. Soon, we brought that puppy home.

She was an adorable puppy!! We thought awhile for a name and ended up deciding on Keme (key-me). We thought it was fitting because it means secret and this puppy has some secrets.

For one reason then another, getting her spayed got put off. Then she went into heat. We didn't think too much of it because our other dog is female and fixed. We planned to get her spayed after her heat cycle was over.

Until one afternoon... I found the neighbor's German Shepherd mix in our yard!! He had jumped our fence!

I wasn't happy to say the least! I just hoped that Keme wasn't pregnant but kept an eye out for signs. A month and a half later, we're preparing for puppies.

She recently started sitting sideways.

Last night we got her whelping box. We tore down her crate and moved her bed into the box to hopefully get her comfortable with it. We estimate (according to the day we caught the dog in our yard) that her due date is April 23rd...2 weeks from now. I would not have breed any dog on purpose but I can't lie; I'm a little excited about the idea of tiny puppies!

Side story here: Our neighbor is a really crappy dog owner. She had 3 dogs at the time; 2 chihuahuas and a German Shepherd mix. All of the dogs constantly get out. The poor German Shepherd mix was left outside 24/7...even in snow and rain. After this incident, their dog continued to get in our yard. Our miniature dachshund was outside one day when I heard a yelp. The German Shepherd was standing over her. That was the last straw. I started calling animal control every time the dog was out of their yard. He was eventually picked up. I hope he's been adopted out to a better home because I know he hasn't been back ...even though the neighbor has has 2 other big dogs since. I've only seen them for a day though. I wonder about them.


  1. Gosh, if I have one pet peeve, it's irresponsible pet owners! (No pun intended.) When I was a kid, we had 2 kittens (rescued from a cat lady down the street who didn't have enough money to feed all her outside cats). One got outside for a few hours and was impregnated by her own father... who was her brother from another litter. (Seriously, get that rascal neutered!) We had scheduled both kittens to be spayed as soon as possible, but it turned out when we went to get them spayed, the one who got loose that day a few weeks earlier was pregnant! So we felt guilty, but we ended up finding them all good homes. So it had a good ending. And I have to say, because we are into rescue, we'd never seen an animal giving birth, and it was very special. Getting to see them born and grow up... It's like nothing else. And seeing our cat be such a good mom, even though she wasn't fully grown herself, was amazing. <3 Good luck, hope you have a litter of healthy pups and find them all good homes! I bet you end up keeping one, it's so tempting! =)

  2. By the way, I don't know how anyone could call Keme "the ugly puppy" because she was and is ADORABLE!

  3. Thanks for the comment! The puppy's "birth story" can be found here: You're right, seeing the birth was very special. However, once they were 5 or so weeks, it got crazy. Boy are puppies messy! We were able to find them all good homes so I do feel good about that. It was tempting to keep one but then the peeing on the floor and chewing walls and floors knocked the sense back into me. lol