Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Doctor Appointments

Last week Sean had his endo followup and today Maddy had her 2 year check up.

Sean - 3 years 5 months - 34in - 25lbs
Maddy - 2 year - 34in - 25lbs
No wonder people always assume they are twins!

I'll start with Sean's endo followup. While Sean is on the small side, he's now growing with the curve. The doc wants to still redo the bone age scan in November just to double check since it'll be more reliable than it was when it was done last time. I just have to say how happy I am with Dr Gyuricsko. He really does an awesome job explaining everything to me. He also works on gaining Sean's trust before he examines him.

Now to Maddy's check up. She's so funny. She lets the doctor examine her without a fight but she refuses to speak and gives him the death glare the whole time. I went in with a couple of things that I wanted to talk to the doctor about.

First was her poop issues. Back around Christmas she decided she didn't want to poop. She'd poop after a week because she couldn't hold it in anymore. I added more fiber and apple juice to her diet and gave her laxatives if she went more than a couple of days without pooping. It took awhile but it seemed to fix the problem. Then we worked on potty training. She could be potty trained if she wanted too. BUT she decided she would only stay dry in a diaper and just a couple weeks ago she started holding in poop again. Needless to say, she'll be potty trained when she decides to. I brought this up today. She's now going to be on Miralax or Milk of Magnesia daily to keep her regular. The doctor says it can take up to a month or so for her to realize that it's not suppose to hurt to poop and get her going on her own.

Second was her feet. I've noticed that when she walks her feet roll in and lose the arch. The doctor confirmed this but isn't concerned. It's not too uncommon at this age and could possibly fix itself. If it doesn't and her feet begin to bother her when she gets a little older, we'll have to get arch supports for her shoes.

And that is all. I take them both back in Oct/Nov for 2 1/2 year and 4 year check ups.

Not what I put them in this morning but hey, they're happy. ;)

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