Sunday, January 23, 2011

School Days: Martin Luther King Jr

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr day so that was our theme for the week. An activity we did was I wrapped 3 blocks; 1 in a plain white blanket and 2 in really pretty and exciting blankets. I then asked Sean and the daycare girl which one they would want. The pretty one was picked because of it's looks. The blocks were unwrapped and I pointed out how they were all the same despite the fact that one was very plain and boring on the outside. The conversation went into how not everyone looks the same (different skin, eye and hair color)but we're all pretty much the same inside and should be treated that way. Then we talked about who Martin Luther King was and how boys and girls of different skin color use to not be allowed to play together. I'm happy to say that they immediately knew that wasn't fair.

Our craft was paper doll chains put together with the poem "The Crayon Box That Talked"


Reading list:
My First Martin Luther Book- Dee Lillegard
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- Robin Nelson

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