Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back in the saddle again

In two different ways. We pretty much took a month off from homeschooling. We did a good amount of holiday themed crafts and activities but that was it. This week we got back on track. More on what we're doing at the end of the week. Today also marks the end of week one with a new daycare kid (4 year old girl). It's nice having another older child in the house. Sean thrives playing with someone older. This also adds another to my homeschooling. Crazy as it sounds, adding another child has made things run smoother. It's easier to stick to a routine. It's been five months since I've had a full timer in the house. It's great! The last five months have been a roller coaster. I lost count on how many no shows on interviews I had. Or the ones that came for an interview and I never heard from them again...even though the interview seemed to go great. I even had some sign up and then drop after two days of care. It's been crazy!! I started to have doubts about being in this business. It seemed like a headache. Then I saw a want ad right before Christmas. We seemed to hit it off over the phone. I was hopeful but didn't hold my breath. I relaxed a little after the interview b/c they wanted to enroll. Things have been going very well. Knock on wood that it continues. Even if it doesn't, I've regained my faith in this career choice. I really love being a childcare provider! It's the job searching and sometimes the parents that drive me crazy. But the day to day caring, teaching and watching the children grow is what I love. Sometime this month my cousin's son will be joining us too. He's also 4. I'm pretty darn excited! Some days I'll be at my ratio limit (first time since I've started 2 years ago!). On the other days, I will just have my two and the two 4 year olds. On those days, I plan to get out of the house more. Like today for example, we went for a playdate. Next week, we're going to check out the library's story time. 9:30am at Central for anyone that wants to join us!


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