Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Potty Training, Butterflies and more
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There's no theme for today's post. I just had an urge to write so bare with my rambling.

Last Sunday I was thinking about how Maddy was doing well with potty training awhile back and how we put that on hold when she started holding in her poop. Sean was also potty trained but started not catching it in time. He'd do a very small spot in his underwear and then go to the bathroom. This lead to a lot of laundry and me getting frustrated. He went into pull-ups and got lazy about going potty. So I decided that this week that we will be done pull-ups and diapers except for at night and when we're out of the house because as long as they were in diapers and pull-ups, they were not going to potty train. Sean adjusted very quickly and is back to where we left off. Monday, Maddy peed on the floor about a million times. Now would be the time that I'm the most thankful for pulling up all the carpet in the house! The good think about Monday was every time she peed on the floor she yelled "I peed!" and ran to the potty. She's making the connection! Tuesday was an awesome day! She only had one accident! Yesterday she had 3 and is at 3 for today. Not too bad though! I may be doing a small load of laundry everyday but I'm not wasting money on pull-ups and diapers and they are making progress!!

A cute moment today: Maddy had just woken up from nap and Sean walks over to her and puts his arm around her, "Hi there baby! Did you have a good nap?" *swoon*

This afternoon we had one of our Black Swallowtail butterflies emerge. He was so pretty!! We have 5 more that should emerge in the next day or two. Once they do, I'll get started on my post about raising Black Swallowtails. Not sure about you, but I'm looking forward to that post. They are not only pretty butterflies but pretty caterpillars too.

Sean got two more tomatoes from his garden today. They're suppose to be big tomatoes but instead he grew cute tiny tomatoes. It doesn't phase him though.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow. I'm hosting a weekly blog hog (Flutter By Fridays) for the first time!!

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  1. My daughter just went backwards with her potty training and I can't figure out why! She's fine with the poop but she's peeing on the floor... Hopefully she'll get back on track soon. Oh the joys of potty training!

    I'd love to take you up on your graphics offer soon IF you don't mind having a really picky, annoying customer. =) Oh and I have to wait until I get a new camera so I can take some new pics.

    Thankyouuu for the baby dust!

  2. Give her time, she'll get there. This time Sean is doing MUCH better!!

    Sure! When you're ready send me an email at MamaDaniBlog{at}yahoo{dot}com