Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jan 1st - Jan 9th in Pictures

This year I'm taking another shot at 365 days of pictures. I, however, know I won't post daily so I won't promise that. I won't even promise that I'll post weekly. What I do promise is that I will post. Some days will just be the one picture while others will be a few.

Here are the pictures I chose for Jan 1st - Jan 9th

Jan 1st
This was before I committed to the challenge and this is the only picture I took that day.

Jan 2nd
One of my new year's resolutions is to take more pictures of myself, so here I am!

Jan 3rd
Em taking a rest:

Sean being goofy:

Jan 4th
Our baby chicks aren't so little anymore!

Em loves her "chicky chicks"

Jan 5th
Daddy and his girls:

Jan 6th
Church wears Em out!

Jan 7th
Toys all over the floor is much more fun then having them in the proper place ;)

Just a couple quick shots:

Jan 8th
Right before the kids went to bed I realized that I hadn't taken a picture. So, I thought I'd quickly get one of all 3 of them. Not so easy! Here's the best one:

Jan 9th
We had a beautiful day here yesterday so outside play became a priority.

I love his shirt...hubby doesn't so much. ;)

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