Thursday, January 24, 2013

Check Ups: Emily's 12 Month and Sean's 5 year Endo

Sean and Emily both doctor appointments in the last 2 weeks. Sean was first. He had his yearly endo check up on the 11th. Endo conformed that even though Sean is way below the chart, he is still on his own curve. He wanted to do another bone age scan since it's easier to read the older Sean gets and he also wanted to look at the interval of change. I received the results on the 18th. Everything appears normal so he'll go back in a year.

On the 18th, Emily also had her belated 12 month check up. Not much to report as everything is looking good. Her stats are 17lbs 9oz, 28.5in. She's close to what Sean was at this age; just a pound heavier. The difference in the boy and girl charts is odd to me. At this size, Sean was well below the chart, Em is at the 5th percentile. Looks like we'll have 2 peanuts in the family. :)

Just for kicks I made charts to compare the kids' weights and lengths through out their first year (click to enlarge):

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