Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jan 16th - Jan 29th in Pictures

Jan 16th
Silly dog likes sitting on the heating vent.

Jan 17th

Jan 18th

Jan 19th
Peter says hi!

Jan 20th
The cat looked so comfy.

Jan 21st
I heard Em wake up and found that she had found the dolls and stuffed animals on the big kids' bed.

Jan 22nd
Em and I getting a day care kid from the bus stop.

Jan 23rd
I taught Sean how to finger knit.

Jan 24th
We got new pets for the aquarium: fire bellied newts

Jan 25th
It snowed!

"I'm cold. I want inside."

Jan 26th
Em didn't enjoy the snow as much as Sean and Maddy.

Jan 27th
Em enjoyed Granddad's birthday cake more than her own.

Jan 28th
Teething has made Em want a paci.

Jan 29th
Em has walking down and was walking all over the place!

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