Monday, December 31, 2012

Good bye 2012, Hello 2013

We're saying good bye to 2012 so I'd like to take a look back on what happened this past year. I typically link back to posts but many of my posts are still missing pictures from when I moved pictures in my web album; I hope to finish fixing it soon.

Our 2012 Christmas card picture
  • We started the year in a baby moon with a brand new baby.
  • We celebrated Maddy's 3rd birthday with an art party. 
  • We had to get rid of our mutt, Keme because she attacked our other dog, Annabelle.
  • We adopted a pug pup, Gizmo.
  • Maddy tried dance again in the summer. She loved it and wanted to continue in the fall.
  • We released over 70 Black Swallowtail butterflies and still have 41 chrysalises in our butterfly cage to release next spring.
  • Sean started Kindergarten. 
  • Richard and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. 
  • We celebrated Sean's 5th birthday with a dinosaur party.
  • We adopted a rabbit trio with the plans to breed them for meat come spring time.
  • I worked with a group of locals to get the city to reconsider zoning that bans backyard hens. We won!
  • We got 3 baby chicks; half of what our flock will be. 
  • We celebrated Emily's first birthday!
  • We changed a lot of our eating habits and I lost 16 lbs!
  • I am ending the year with a booming daycare business. Most of the kids I care for are the same kids I had last year.
Even though I failed at project 52 posts this year, I did take a lot of pictures through out the year. 

Looking forward to 2013, here's what I'd like to accomplish:

  • Our healthy changes will continue. I want to lose 10 more pounds.
  • Along with taking lots of pictures of the kids, I will start being in pictures more.
  • While on the subject of pictures, I will do a better job at quickly backing up all pictures instead of them sitting on the computer for months first.
  • We will be trying our hand at gardening again and this will be a better year.
  • We need to do some major decluttering around here.

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  1. I started reading and clicking thru posts and pix! VERY NICE!! It's me, Wendy!