Monday, November 1, 2010

Sean and Maddy's check ups

Sean had his 3 year (bad mommy for taking him on his bday) and Maddy had her 18 month (a month late) check ups today.


Sean- 33.25 in 23 lbs...grew about 2in and 4lbs
Maddy- 34.25 in 22lbs 15oz...grew about 3in and 2lbs
Sean was measured standing up and Maddy was measured laying down. Since the spine compresses when standing up, Sean really isn't shorter than Maddy. Sean weight was taken with the big boy scale so no ounces. Maddy's was with the baby scale.

They both got fingers pricked (iron and lead levels check). Maddy's iron is still a tad low so we'll need to do better at remembering her vitamins. Sean's iron is fine. Both are good with their lead levels.

Sean got his last Pneumococcal vaccine. Maddy got a combo vaccine: DTAP, Polio and Hib (the most she's ever gotten at once). They also offered the Pneumococcal, chicken pox and MMR for her. Holy moly vaccines!!! I declined the chicken pox. I pushed back the MMR until 5 years and Pneumococcal until 2.5. I just can't see how putting 9 vaccines into her system at once would be ok. We didn't start the Dr Sear's schedule with Sean like we're doing with Maddy and the most he ever got was 7. I also got a copy of Sean's vaccine record so I can see what he has left and make plans for what he'll get and when.

I stopped after work tonight and picked up a new multi vitamin for the kids. Maddy was too young for the kind Sean was taking and it didn't have iron in it anyways. I also picked up some omega-3 and some Elderberry (w/vitamin C).

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