Thursday, November 11, 2010

This can't be comfortable!!

Maddy normally nurses to sleep. She had already nursed a couple of times but was still restless. So, I did what sometimes works. I told her night night and rolled over so my back was to her and pretended to sleep. It's hard to ignore the flopping she does but if I ignore it, she eventually calms down and falls asleep. If I try to get her to lay still, the tears start and it's a fight to get her to sleep. So...I ignored her even when she started to use my side as a pillow. She slowly scooted until her head was on her bed and her body was on me...complete with her leg in the air! And she was out! Silly girl!!


Note that Sean's in Maddy's bed. We're in the middle of redoing the other rooms. That's a whole nother post! But long story short, his room is storage at the moment.

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