Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time for change

We have a 3 bedroom house. It was originally thought the kids would share a room (once Maddy moved out of our room), hubby and I have a room and the other room would be a playroom/homeschooling room. Homeschooling quickly got moved to the kitchen table and the playroom is a huge chaotic headache even after downsizing on the toys. I started thinking about changing things around and giving the kids their own rooms. Sean will get what's now the playroom and Maddy would get the room they were going to split. Sean has a trundle bed that takes up a good amount of room and the playroom is a little bigger. The other room is closer to our room so that'll be easier with her waking at night still.

I'll admit, I'm really looking forward to making the rooms the girl and boy rooms. I didn't want to push stereotypes on my children and have tried not to(remember, my son is in ballet lol) but it seems they have chosen some of them. All the toys have been in one room and the toys have really been both of their toys. Sean does have a baby doll and Maddy does play with cars and tools. However, Maddy is mostly seen carrying her baby around and wearing pocketbooks and Sean is always going to work to fix things or making cars out of anything and everything. Maddy's room is going to have more baby doll stuff than Sean's and Sean's room will have more tools than Maddy's. BUT that doesn't mean that Sean won't have his doll (he's getting a ring sling for Christmas) and Maddy won't have boy toys (you better believe those millions of cars will be spit up!).

The plan was to paint the playroom this week and move furniture this weekend. Like I said, that WAS the plan... We got paint samples last weekend and painted a little on the wall. Sean picked his color and we thought we were go to go. Then it became very obvious the old paint was peeling horribly. Dad thinks the walls weren't prepped right the last time it was painted. Now we get to scrap as much of the old paint off the walls as we can. Then sand down the edges of the old paint and wash the walls really well. Then we finally get to paint! Ugh! I'm just ready for it to be done! Our house is a chaotic mess. Half of the stuff from the playroom is in the kids' room, some are in the livingroom. Because of that, Sean's sleeping in our room.

The color Sean picked and the peeling...

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