Monday, June 20, 2011

Difference Between Butterflies and Moths

Some may think that the difference between butterflies and moths is simply that butterflies are active during the day and moths are active at night or that butterflies are prettier than moths. The first part is mostly true but there are some day flying moth. You know the second part is not true when you look at the Luna Moth and the Polyphemus Moth. So what makes butterflies and moths different?

There are a few:

Both butterflies and moths start off as caterpillars but butterflies make a chrysalis and moths make a cocoon.


The antennae on butterflies and moths are also different.
Butterflies have thin antennae that are clubbed on the end.

Moths, on the other had, have more comb-like or feathery antennae.

Another difference is in their bodies.
Butterflies have smooth, slender bodies.

Where as moths have stout, furry bodies.

One other difference I would point out is their typical resting position.
Butterflies tend to rest with their wings up.

Moths tend to rest with their wings out.

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  1. I wish butterflies rested with wings down too since their wings are so pretty. I guess it's safe to say both butterflies and moths rest with their wings positioned that way as a camouflage technique...