Sunday, August 5, 2012

Allergy Testing

Maddy was not suppose to see the allergist until October but last Thursday they called me saying that they had a last minute cancellation and wanted to know if I wanted to move Maddy's appointment to first thing the following morning. I jumped at the chance. I need to back up just a minute. When we found out that Maddy was indeed going to have testing done, we added dairy back. Most days it wasn't much but sometimes she'd get a lot. An odd thing started happening. When she had a lot of dairy like the day she had ice cream or the night we had alfredo, she had very loose stools. Some of those times, she complained her tummy hurt. Needless to say, I was very happy at the chance to move her appointment up by 2 1/2 months. The doctor asked me questions and then said that she was going to do a skin test. Maddy was such a big girl! She didn't even flinch with any of the pokes. A lolly pop then helped keep her mind off the fact that her back itched. Finally time was up and they shared the results. Maddy is not allergic to milk. However, the doctor believes that she may be lactose intolerant. She is now on lactaid milk and lactase supplements. Yesterday, Maddy surprised me. I had some lactase supplements for myself but they weren't they chewable kind. Maddy wanted some cheese so I thought I'd let her try swallowing a pill. Wouldn't you know, she swallowed it without a problem!?

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