Sunday, July 29, 2012

Emily: 7 Months

We are now closer to Em's birthday than to her birth day. Crazy how time flies! So what is she up to? She has mastered sitting....until she starts rocking that is. Her rocking caused her first bloody nose. She rocked herself right over onto a toy. Thankfully the blood and tears were short lived. Em's babbling has really taken off. I'm trying to get her to say "mama" but I don't have much hope for it being her first real word. The other day I said "say mama!" and she looked right at me and said "bubba"... Waving is her newest talent. She just does it at random times, not to say hi or bye. She's getting so expressive! We've been moving right along with solids. She loves trying all the new food. Unless it's pureed. She prefers to be able to pick it up. However, her favorite snack is by far her own toes. ;-) After her 6 month check up we tried bananas again. To our surprise, there was no rash. She has had bananas several times since then and not a single rash. Then earlier this week out of nowhere, she got the same kind of rash. The only common element was that she was in just a diaper and daddy had just given her raspberries on her neck. I did a little investigating and a little experiment (only because the rash didn't bother her) and it looks like daddy needs to go back to the soap he had been using. His new soap gives his baby girl a rash! 
 A couple of pictures from instagram: 
This picture of Em eating avocado cracks me up!  --  Toes are tasty too!

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