Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Emily: 8 Months

My little jellybean is 8 months old today. According to our home scale she's 17 lbs. If that's true, she's no longer following Sean's lead and has jumped percentiles. She's growing by leaps and bounds. Her first word is "mama". You have no idea how happy I am to have a baby that says mama first! The only problem is she only says it when she's upset. So while I love hearing her say it, I don't want her to because I don't want her to be upset. Her favorite food right now is plums. Oh my does she love them!

She has gotten better and better at sitting (even while reaching). She has learned to get on her hands and knees and back to sitting. She has learned to sit on her knees. She has even gotten very good at getting around the room by scooting on her butt or reaching and sitting back down...who needs crawling!? Then finally, just last night, she half crawled! She got on her hands and knees and used her hands to pull herself forward. She just has to learn that she can use her legs too and there will be no stopping her. Her biggest obstacle right now is when her legs slide out from under her. She can't figure out what to do so she cries "mama! mama!".

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