Monday, August 6, 2012

Fitness Goals Revisited

Back in February I wrote about my fitness goals. I was happy with the numbers on the scale then. They really weren't bad for just having my third baby! My goal was to get healthier and fitter just by eating good and exercising. It went well...for a week or two. The exercising was a huge fail. It just stopped happening. I felt I was eating ok when in reality, I wasn't. I would forget about the little bite here, or finishing the last little bit of the kids' sandwiches so they wouldn't go to waste, etc. It all added up and the number on the scale started to go up! I had to come up with a better plan. After talking to hubby, we decided to sign up for Weight Watchers. I had done WW before and knew it was easy to follow and it worked. We did our initial weigh in on July 7th. I weighed in at 156.2; about a pound heavier than I was the day before Emily was born. Not good! We signed up under a promotional offer and paid for 3 months. Maybe the money will make us stick with it! So far so good. We've had 4 weigh ins since then and I've lost 10.2 lbs putting me at 146. My ultimate goal is to get down to 130-135. I have not taken measurements but my jeans that I use to have to suck in to get them on, fit comfortably. I hope that they are too big by the time I need to start wearing them again. I want to go jean shopping this fall! If the summer wasn't already half over, I'd go shorts shopping. My shorts that I bought at the beginning of the summer use to fit perfectly. Now I need a belt.

I now have the eating right down and it's working. The next thing is I need to make exercise a habit. This will be the difficult part; finding the time, forgetting the excuses and finding something I love. I will update again.

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