Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Check ups: 6 month and allergy

The girls had check ups this morning....bright and early this morning. Our pediatrician is awesome! We had to miss their original appointment two weeks ago. When I tried to reschedule I found out the doctor was booked for the next month! Our awesome pediatrician agreed to see us today before the office opened! Not only that, he didn't charge us the $50 late cancellation fee ($25/appointment) for canceling the original appointments so late.

I had made an appointment for Maddy because it seems she has some issue with dairy. We just can not get a definite answer with just changing her diet. Whether it's an allergy or sensitivity, whether it's casein or lactose, I don't know. All I know is I want definite answers. The pediatrician gave us a referral for an allergist. The allergist, however, is booked until October. So, Maddy will go then and have testing done then.

Little Miss Emily.. She looks so much like her brother and it seems like she's going to be a little peanut too.
The little one's stats:
14lbs 10.5oz
...almost the exact weight Sean was at this age and just an inch taller than he was.

I had two things I wanted to talk to the doctor about today. First was her reaction to bananas. I brought a picture to show the doctor and he thanked me. He says that it wasn't the classic allergy reaction (hives) so he's hesitant to say she's allergic to bananas. He says that it's more likely to be a contact reaction or a reaction to something that could have been on the peel. What he suggests is to try bananas again but just a little bit and for me to feed it to her so that she doesn't wear it too. He did say to make sure we have benadryl on hand just in case. The second thing I wanted to talk about was the spot on her left arm. It started the beginning of June looking like a bug bite. About a week or two later, it looked like a blister. Now it's barely there. The doc said he could feel a little scar tissue so he thinks that it was a bug bite that she probably scratched quite a bit.

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  1. I hope you get answers for Maddy soon, is it still affecting her bathroom issues?

  2. Yea, still that. She's also stubborn when it comes to the bathroom so it's impossible to tell if her accidents are because she's having a hard time physically or if it's a behavioral problem. It's not as bad as before (she actually goes almost daily now) but she only gets small amounts of dairy now. We only started giving her some b/c it needs to be in her system for an IgA test...I didn't think we'd have to wait till October though!