Friday, July 6, 2012

Bedtime Battles

If your kids are like mine, bedtime can bring on some big battles. Things were just getting worse here. Something had to be done so I combined two ideas: one from a friend, one from Super Nanny. Things still aren't perfect but things have gotten much better.

First thing we did was set our bedtime routine in stone. Bedtime routine and a set bed time has been difficult for us. That's our fault not the kids. Last week I sat down with Sean and Maddy and had them brainstorm a bedtime routine: what should be included, and in what order. What we came up with was: snack, change into PJs, brush teeth, story time (they each get to pick a story and they are read on mommy and daddy's bed), *small* sip of water, potty, go to bed. We then made this chart so they could see the routine every night and move their little puppet as they do each item.

That solved the first part of the problem. The second part was the million of times we're called back to their bedrooms. Usually it's just small request that wouldn't normally be a problem. The problem is how many times they call us back. A friend suggested bedtime coupons. They each get five coupons. Every time they call us back, we take a coupon. When they are out of coupons we will not answer to requests for another stuffed animal, or to pull the blanket back up, etc. They've been told they may get up whenever without calling us back if they need to go potty. This has worked well for the most part. The main problem is Sean thinks he has to use up all his coupons. So tonight, we're starting a competition. Who ever has the most coupons in the morning will win a surprise!

We still have some work to do. I've put the book, Sleepless in America, on hold at the library. I'm anxious to read what it has to say because I've seen several recommendations for it lately. We also have some work to do about making a consistent bedtime. They have a bedtime. We just need to stop being so lax on it. My hopeful solution is I've added an alarm on my phone for the time we need to start our routine. I'll write an update post once I've read the book.

How do you handle bedtime battles?

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  1. Luckily we don't have any battles... But I do get called into my daughter's bedroom 50 times before she will fall asleep. It's amazing the amount of things she comes up with that she needs hahah.

    1. PS I will have to try that coupon idea, thanks for sharing. :)