Friday, June 29, 2012

Emily: 6 Months

Em is 6 months old today: half a year gone. Wow! According to our bathroom scale she's 15lbs. We don't have official stats b/c I had to reschedule her 6 month check-up. So what is Emily doing now? She's sitting up very well but the silly little girl still has yet to roll from her stomach to back. I've started wearing her less. It's getting hot and she's able to sit so well so she now rides in the cart at the grocery store. She loves it! The other costumers do too. We're constantly stopped by older ladies. She loves the exersaucer, especially when she makes it rock. So much fun! She's found her voice and it's loud...but cute. Along with figuring out how loud she can be, she's also figured out  how to babble. She currently likes the ba sounds and is so close to saying bubba. Sean's thrilled! She's also learned clap and has started to reach for people. She made my mom's night the other night by reaching for her while in my arms. She loves her thumb. She doesn't really suck it but it's always in her mouth; she even tries to nurse with it in her mouth. Silly girl! Nursing is going well but she's started getting a little distracted, especially if Sean's around. But I've started lightly wrapping her in her Aden + Anais blankets and it's helped a lot. I love those blankets! She also has to have one in the car other wise she cries. She's really just a joy. Always so happy!

Annabelle, aka hoover, makes a special appearance at dinner time.

We started solid a few weeks ago starting with a taste of watermelon juice. She sucked the thing to death! lol Then we tried banana: both Sean and Maddy's first food. We were in for a surprise that night! She ended up with a rash on her face and belly. I was not expecting that! So no more bananas for her. We're waiting to talk to the doctor before trying things like avocado, mangoes and more. If you have a reaction to one thing in that group of foods or to latex, there's a good chance you'll have a reaction with the others. (Latex-Food Syndrome) So, we're going to play it safe. Other than that she's done great with solids. She's had sweet potatoes (love!), applesauce (hates), squash (loves!) and just last night, peas (they're better for smashing ;-) ). We're taking the baby led approach to solids meaning (other than with applesauce) she's fed herself. It's messy but we're loving it!
Her reaction to bananas:

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  1. She's so cute and getting so big!! I hope she doesn't turn out to have anymore allergies!