Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kids Say: March

Sean seems to have been the talkative one this month:

Let's start with some of Sean words:
fidg-e-ater = refrigerator
Engine turtles = ninja turtles
Beaner sistle = wiener schnitzel
Wha-bay ...your guess is as good as mine!!

Sean woke up from nap and Maddy and daycare baby (10 months) were still asleep. I went to check on them and Sean asks me "Are the kids still asleep?"

"When I grow up I'm going to be a cowboy. After I'm a cowboy, I'm going to be a firefighter!!"

"I'm hungry. My tummy's growling like a race car."

"Do you know why runners drink water? Because they run out of running power."

Serta commercial comes on and Sean tells me "Mama, we need that bed." Why? "My bed isn't comfortable because I keep moving around."

"When I be a dad and get a mom, I want her van to be blue."

Talking about batman- "This thing is called a slimer. It'll cut your head off and might give you a bleed."

"When I be a dad, I don't want hair." I asked where because I thought he was talking about facial hair. He answered "my head!"

I was complaining about how much pollen was in the house with only 1 window open. Sean then explained to me that a walking key opened all the windows the night before.

Sean wiped my kiss off of him so I asked him why. "because I can only have Granddad and Justin kisses."

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