Friday, March 2, 2012

Kids Say: February

Maddy- "Emily's a baby. She came out of your belly. It hurt. It don't hurt anymore!!"

Sean, pointing to the middle of my chest "Boys don't have these things. ..these deep things." ...yea, he was talking about cleavage.

Sean saw a picture of Dierks Bentley and said he had "rubbly" ...beard stubble.

Sean telling us how big something was "It's 10 feet hundred!"

Sean on a warm but windy day (windows were open) "Mama, you need to close the window so the wind will stop bugging the curtains."

Maddy to me "You have problems. " Me- "No, you do." Maddy- "I don't have problems! I have a computer!"

A little bonus this month. Sean made up a lullaby for Emily:

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