Friday, April 13, 2012

Week in Review: Week 13 - 15

I'm a few weeks behind on Week in Review so I'll just combine them. Our weeks haven't been all that busy. We started week 13 with the first batch of my milk going to it's new home. I love that I'm able to do this again! Later in the week, Emily turned 3 months and had her ENT appointment.

Green smoothies and glow sticks in the bathtub!

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Week 14 started with Maddy's 3rd birthday. She's very excited to be "3 old"! We had a special breakfast and then that afternoon, an art party. They'll be a separate post on that later! Middle of that week, I got a much needed new phone. My blackberry had died just about a week and a half before I was eligible for an upgrade. I used an old phone that seemed to be a phone from the stone age until I got my new phone: a Motorola Photon. I love it!! Though, I'm now hooked in Angry Birds and Draw Something. Also that week, we lost our pet rat, Rizzo. Rizzo had started rooming with Sean a while back and Sean got very attached, more than I had realized. When we lost the other rat last year, Sean was completely fine. Not this time. He cried...a lot. Seeing him like that was really difficult. Especially when, after we buried Rizzo, Sean asks, "When he's done being dead, can we go get him?". The next morning he asked if Rizzo was in Heaven yet and seemed ok after I told him yes. We ended the week by picking up 5 baby chicks. Unfortunately, they are not ours to keep. Our city has something against chickens. What we're doing is participating in the Rent A Chick program at a local farm. We got 5 2 day old chicks and all the supplies to raise them for two weeks. Then we have to return them to the farm. I so wish we could keep them!! I'll have a separate post on that too. That afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt at hubby's parents' house and then had Easter dinner with them.


 Easter Bunny came and silly kids after an Easter egg hunt

Last Sunday was Easter. The Easter Bunny came, we did an Easter egg hunt and had a family dinner with my family. We then started out the work week with adopting 2 baby rats. Sean insisted that Rizzo's cage needed more rats. Cookie and Crumbster (Sean picked the names) were 5 1/2 weeks when they came to live with us. They are adorable and oh so playful! I assumed the rest of the week would be a normal, non-eventful week. But then hubby hurt his arm at work and spent the rest of the week home with us. Since I still had daycare kids, I put him to work entertaining and feeding kids. ;) This weekend's plan is to work on the garden!

Cookie and Crumbster: 
Cookie is white and beige and Crumbster is grey and white

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