Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 34 weeks


I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. And just this week's it's hitting me how close it the end is. Getting ready for Christmas has done it. I started shopping and the tree will be up this weekend. This week I'm also going to buy my birth kit and all the other things we'll need on hand for the big day. Next week I have my home visit from my midwife...the appointment that everyone that will be at the birth needs to attend. We also need to stop procrastinating and get the other things we need for the baby...like a carseat and diapers. We're also still behind on names. If it's a girl, I think we're good. It's just narrowing the list down. If it's a boy, and I think it is, we're in trouble!

I need to get a video of Jellybean moving. It's very entertaining! He/she is developing a personality too. One of my daycare kids is a 6 month old. When I'm holding him and he's fussing/crying, Jellybean moves all the way to the other side of my belly as if he/she is trying to get as far away as possible. But he/she is the opposite when it's the family. Hubby will rub my belly and talk to the baby and he/she will get as close as possible to him. It's pretty much the same thing with Sean and Maddy. Sean likes to give my belly a hug and kiss at night before bed. Maddy likes to come to me and ask to see the baby. What she wants is to lift my shirt, rub my belly and talk to the baby. She asked to hold the baby the other day and got mad when I told her that she couldn't yet. So, she's figured out a way to rock the baby. She puts her hands on either side of my belly and slowly shakes it. She may be a little disappointed in January though. She insists that I have two babies in my belly and she has one in her belly. I've been able to get Jellybean react to me for awhile now but last night was pretty neat. I was rubbing my belly when all of a sudden my hand was full of baby. I'm pretty sure it was his/her butt too. He/she pushed it into my hand as hard as he/she could. He/she is head down so I tend to be able to figure out where his/her butt and back are. Hubby and I like playing with him/her at night before bed.

So how am I feeling? Great! It seems strange to say that. This is about the time with my other 2 where I started feeling bad. I credit my chiropractor with the way I feel b/c I'm now having no issues with my back/hips. Heartburn is barely there. I am tired though. I'm not sure if it's just the end of the pregnancy or if it's because I'm really busy with my daycare (it's full again!) and the kids and I just got through/are getting over colds. ...I am blaming the lack of posting lately on me being tired though. I've gotten rid of my schedule for now and will posting as I get time.

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  1. That is wonderful that you are feeling great at 34 weeks! I can still remember at 34 weeks when I was pregnant with my daughter that I was absolutely miserable and in pain and just wanted everything to be over! Wishing you the best and hope the remainder of your pregnancy you
    stay feeling great!!!