Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sean's 4th Birthday: Lego Party!


I had a lot of fun planning this party! There are so many wonderful ideas on pinterest but the best part was how cheaply I was able to pull this off. We decided to have a family party and a birthday playdate because of limited space. I spent less than $30 on both combined!! Please check the bottom of this post for links to all the resources I have to share. I know the decorations were a hit because before the party started Sean told me "Looks like a party here!".

The first thing the guests saw was the door sign:

I printed out Lego blocks and Lego men for the wall. The balloons were left over from the dance recital last summer (helium tank too).
At the last minute, Sean insisted on party hats so I made them too.

I also made the banner:

For the playdate, I made cupcakes with Lego man heads made out of marshmallows.
At the party, we had cake and marshmallow Lego man head pops:

Now let's get to the party!!
Up until now, the only Legos Sean's played with were daddy's and Uncle Justin's old Legos. 
He now has some of his own.
Cake time!

Cousins playing:

My pinterest board
Door sign
Lego blocks for wall
Party hats
Lego man cut outs
Lego man head marshmallow
*The link for the Lego man head marshmallow is the inspiration but I did it differently. I mixed yellow food coloring with water and painted the marshmallows. When they dried, I drew on the faces with food markers.

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  1. hi, i am wondering if u could help me with the lego invites you done?? I love them and was wondering are they ones you can order on the net and print at home??

    1. Actually I made them. The lego man and lego squares are my son's. I staged them, took a picture and photoshopped the words on it. Then I had them printed as normal pictures. Hope that helps!

  2. I love the lego-man-head-cake-pops! So cute! : )

  3. Amazing! I simply loved the decoration that has been done here. It looks fantastic! Happy birthday to the little one, he is very adorable. My kid will also turn 3 this month and I have booked one of the venues in Chicago for his birthday celebration. I still haven’t thought about the theme, how about a superman theme?