Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm still here!

Whew! Talk about a hiatus! We had computer problems where both computers were down. Hubby's computer is up now but mine is still down. Then Sean's recital and all the craziness with the puppies, my blog got put to the side. I'm back though. I'm way behind so I'm not going to catch up on the Muffin Tin Monday, School Days and Weekend Waffles. I'll just start back up. Though, I'm going to change things up alittle. Muffin Tin Mondays will be renamed and won't just be muffin tin meals but fun creative kid lunches. School Days won't just be a review on our week. Sometimes it will be a review of our week but sometimes it'll just be a project we did. Weekend Waffles...well, Jellybean doesn't seem to like waffles so I'll change it's name and make it a weekly recipe. For Project 52 I'm just going to make one update post to cover the weeks I missed. Of course there's also a recital post and pregnancy update post. So keep your eye out!

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