Sunday, October 3, 2010

School Days: Week 4: Autumn

This we continued working on the letters A,B and C. Our theme was Autumn. Unfortunately, it rained all week so we couldn't do as much outside as I had hoped. We did manage to get out and collect leaves for leaf rubbings. We may revisit this theme a little b/c it's just now getting cool and the leaves aren't really changing colors yet.

Leaf rubbing:

Sean's art work this week. He loved making the hand print autumn tree.

He also loves his abacus. Right now we're just using it to count with.

This week's reading:
By the Light of the Harvest Moon -Harriet Ziefert
Fall is Not Easy -Marty Kelley
Fall -Ron Hirschi


  1. We did rubbings during the summer, so much fun! Try going outside and just rubbing random things like tree bark, bricks, the sidewalk, etc. then make pictures with the textures you collect! :)