Wednesday, September 10, 2014

History Lesson: What is History?

Today was our first lesson using Story of the World. The lesson was: What is history? and How do we know? We read the pages out of SOTW but didn't do either of the activities they suggest. Instead, I winged it. I have a lot of family history documents for my mother's side of the family so we pulled out the resources and worked on a family timeline. We had the knowledge that we know, my phone to text grandma to ask her for her birth year, the computer to access the family tree website I made awhile back, my great grandparents' passports, a family bible from the late 1800s, and a photo album of other documents such as birth, marriage, and death certificates, newspaper clippings and letters (mid 1900s). We did a second timeline to go off from our main timeline. The second timeline was for the children listed in family bible. Those children were born from 1892-shortly after 1914 (the only date we have on the last born is the day she died). Amongst these children was Sean and Maddy's Great Great Grandmother, Pearl. We learned that Pearl had 15 brothers and sisters. Sean was most interested in how many siblings Pearl had. Maddy was most interested in finding her middle name throughout our family history. We discussed how names are sometimes passed down through families and found several names that have made their way through our family tree.

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