Friday, September 12, 2014

Fun Lunches Are Back!

You might remember back in 2011 our fun lunches started out as muffin tin meals then I branched out and just made lunches that weren't necessarily in muffin tins but still fun. Well, those fun lunches are back, with a twist. I bought EasyLunchboxes (Brights) and EasyLunchboxes (Classic) for our containers. Not all of our lunches will be fun and extra pretty but the kids think that the containers alone make their lunch fun now. Here's what we've had for lunches so far:

Last Friday was our first: ham/turkey rollups, provolone flowers, cheddar moons, bread stars, goldfish (note for next time: separate them; they got soggy), grapes, peaches, pineapple

Monday: Dino sandwiches, bell peppers, ranch for dipping

Tuesday: zucchini veggie pasta, cheese cut outs, ranch for dipping (can you tell the kids love dips!?), ham/turkey rollups, crackers

Wednesday: Owl shaped sandwich (cucumber & raisin eyes, cheese beak), cucumber & ranch, yogurt & m&m's

Thursday: Whole wheat quesadillas, salsa & sour cream, pineapple

Friday: PB&J sandwich, yogurt, banana

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  1. Wonderful round up Dani! Thank you for all the great pics and terrific lunch ideas :)