Thursday, September 18, 2014

Busy Bees

Who said homeschoolers miss out on socialization!? Mine most certainly do not! Fall is just about here so all our activities have started up again. Sean is continuing with soccer. Moving up to U7 he's playing on a bigger field, bigger goals, games are longer, and they have referees. I love watching him play. He enjoys it so much!

Sean has started a second activity. This one he's been counting down to since he could pretty much talk. Last week he begun Cub Scouts as a Tiger Cub. Isn't he cute in his uniform!? He's following two of his role models with scouts: eagle scout, Uncle Justin, and scout master, Granddad. Sean and Granddad were both so excited that Sean was finally old enough to join that Granddad helped Sean go to his first meeting will almost all the requirements for the bobcat badge signed off on. All Sean needs now is to learn the cub scout law. Don't let the sourpuss look fool you; he was just annoyed with me for taking another picture because the one before was blurry.

 Maddy is continuing with dance again this year. It's her third year and she's moved up to first year barre. She also has a different teacher this year...the same teacher I had most of my time in dance. She has also tried out hip hop but isn't sure if she's going to continue with it.

And lastly, we recently joined the YMCA. While on vacation a few weeks ago we did a lot of swimming in the hotel's pool. Maddy took to the water like a fish. With frequent opportunities and a little nudge, I believe she will be swimming in no time. Sean, however, was the opposite. He clung to the stairs and didn't even want to be carried out into the water. The YMCA that we joined has an outdoor pool that starts as a splash park and gradually gets deeper. We've gone 3 times now and it has done a wonder on both children. Maddy's jumping in, going under water, and begging for time without her puddle jumper on. Sean will not only leave the stairs but will swim the length of the pool with his puddle jumper on. He will also slide from sitting on the side into the water at the 3ft level. Major improvements!! This is now how we end the week. Friday evenings we go swimming as a family. With scouts, dance, and soccer taking up 3 of the 5 weekday evenings, it's nice to have 1 weekday evening where we get to relax and enjoy an activity together.

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